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LCT replacement engine for all 25” Reel mowers and Greenskeepers. Shipping with modified handle brace (4019) and lower handle (1016) for engine to be mounted correctly.


LCT engines will be the best option if you are looking to replace your current engine.

LCT is a US designed engine that is as good as a Honda engine GX160, but at a much reasonable price!

It is proven that the LCT is better than a Predator replacement engine from harbor freight.

Below you will find the reasons why the LCT engine is the best replacement for your mower!


Displacement:   208cc

Power:                 6.45 HP @ 3600 RPM

Torque:                9.5 ft-lbs. @ 3050 rpm

Crank:                   Forged Steel

0.75″ Diameter x 2.43″ L  – 3/16″ Key (5/16-24UNF)

Camshaft:           Forged Steel

Color:                    Gloss Black recoil/blower/fuel tank

Start:                     Recoil

Manual choke + Primer (EASY START)

Fuel Tank:           2.7L

Oil Fill:                   High Oil Fill + Dipstick

Includes Two Low-Oil Fill Plugs



Overhead Valve (OHV) Design
OHV Technology delivers more power and improved efficiency by running smoother and cooler which results in longer engine life. OHV also improves fuel economy while reducing exhaust emissions and greenhouse gases.

Cast Iron Sleeve Bore
A cast iron sleeve reduces bore wear and extends the life of the engine while improving emissions and oil consumption over an extended run period.

Dual Ball Bearings
Industrial ball bearings reduce friction and wear for prolong engine life.

Rugged Metal Fuel Tank
Heavy duty metal fuel tank provides higher durability and rugged construction.

Low Noise Muffler
Sound pressure balanced exhaust system provides unparalleled quiet operation.

Lubrication System
This system is engineered to deliver extra lubrication to internal engine bearings reducing heat build up and extending engine run life.


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